Summer Music Concerts

Congratulations to Holy Trinity KS2 choir and musicians for a sensational evening concert with the award winning Philomel Singers at the Summer Serenade Concert at Edington Priory Church. It has been a great experience for our children learning new skills and growing their performances to a wider audience.

More outstanding musical talent from all our school musicians was shared at our Holy Trinity Summer Music Concert in school on Thursday evening, with children singing and/or playing an incredible range of instruments: brass, woodwind, string and piano. Every child was well prepared and performed beautifully, with high praise and great encouragement from a very appreciative audience of children, teachers, families and members of the Eisteddfod committee.

We are so proud of all our wonderful children; their commitment and aspiration shine through with their exemplary attitude, behaviour and performances. Our thanks to Mr & Mrs Broomfield, Mr Gundry and Mr Lazarus who bring their expertise and talent to our co-curriculum. Well done Holy Trinity!