Royal West of England Art Gallery, Banksy and Street Art - a great day out.

As part of Sarum's art topic they spent the day experiencing a variety of art in Bristol. Initially, they responded to the photographic exhibition in the Royal West of England Gallery, which included mixed media and pure photographs, on a range of themes from trees, rivers and Brexit! They were a credit to the school, creating a variety of visual representations in response to their experience, alongside some thought provoking insights. In contrast, they took a coach tour around Bristol, seeking out street art, graffiti, and to top it all, a couple of Banksy’s. Already they are creating written work discussing 'what is art?’ This has included discussions on how emotive art is and their personal choices and also ideas to create their own art using similar methods. Thank you to Mrs Goddard, Mrs Jones and Mrs Haywood for giving our children these fabulous experiences to deepen learning beyond the classroom.