Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Our wonderful, joyful celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee have involved a stunning research project, undertaken by every class that captures significant events of the Queen’s historic 70 year reign. We have explored the many good changes in the UK during this time and thought about how we can find the courage to work for further change to make it a better place for all. The eighteen beautiful pieces of art work are an incredible timeline, and will also be displayed in The Pavilion for the village community jubilee events over the Bank Holiday weekend. The first ever Holy Trinity Pigeon Race launched our Jubilee celebrations on Tuesday!

We watched the pigeon hens set off on their journey back to their loft in Worton. Mr A and Mrs Hiscock recorded the times for each team, with the Blue team winning! This was followed by a super Jubilee quiz, street picnic party, maypole dancing, Jubilee games and finally we sang the national anthem, which closed a superb day together. Grateful thanks to the fantastic Holy Trinity staff team for the magnificent jubilee celebrations, helping children to make memories for a lifetime.