Our Culture and Diversity Project

The premise of this project, which was first run in 2019/20, is to show our pupils the wide range of wonderful, diverse and exciting cultures that make up Britain and how our culture is richer as a result.  

Our beautiful Diwali celebrations this week have taken us on an exciting, wonderful, rich cultural journey through this Hindu festival. Children enjoyed a diverse range of workshops including Bhangra music and dance, Rangoli art, Indian street food cuisine, clay sculpture to create our little diva lamps and meditation, all blended together with the story of Rama and Sita from our Y6 reading leaders to every class. The finale of our celebration was the amazing whole school dance performance, led by Kalpesh in the autumn sunshine! It was wonderful to watch the children immerse themselves fully in every moment, laughing and enjoying each new learning experience. 

 Thank you to all our families for supporting the children to participate so fully and to all the staff for planning and creating such a glorious experience.