Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival service at St Peter’s Church was beautiful with reflection and storytelling led by Rev Harrison and lovely singing, readings and prayers from the children. 


Many thanks for all the generous donations to our Harvest social action project. The Trussel Trust Devizes Foodbank helps families who have been left in desperate situations and this emergency aid is invaluable to these people.  Well done to Isla, Millie, Sylvie and Maud who with great flair set up the amazing Harvest display which enhanced our celebrations this afternoon in sharing assembly. The message of Harvest is universal, regardless of the faith or non-faith position of our children. Here are some reflections from our children …. ‘The sky above is amazing, the air we breathe is awesome, the earth we stand on is fruitful. The creatures we live with are lovely. At this harvest time we are grateful for every good and perfect gift and for those who bring them to us. We remember all those who are poor, hungry, cold and lonely, sharing generously what we have with them.’ We aim to make the world a better place by bringing hope to others – Helping Out People Everywhere.’