11 by 11

Our 11 by 11 promotes our values and cultural heritage within the contemporary world. Pupils will acquire the following life experiences throughout their education with us at Holy Trinity Primary Academy


·Children understand that they are an important part of a local and global community, that they have rights and responsibilities to the communities they live in and to the planet. They know about other faiths, languages and races.

·Children understand the importance of safe, trustworthy relationships and know how to nurture these in their own lives.

·Children know how to keep themselves healthy in mind and body, in the real world and online.

·Children value their own spiritual development and can discuss their own philosophy of life and faith, whatever form that takes, responding to different viewpoints sensitively and with respect and tolerance.

·Children can use maths, literacy and ICT skills to navigate their way through society effectively and safely.

·Children can identify questions that can be tested scientifically, can use their knowledge to suggest hypotheses and know how to test these fairly. They can use their knowledge to support argument

·Children have an understanding of a timeline and can discuss some historical events which have influenced our society and our world.

·Children can use a map effectively, and are able to name continents, oceans, some countries and important parts of the United Kingdom accurately, and can explain something about why our planet and human settlements are as they are.

·Children enjoy the arts, are confident to perform in drama and music events, and know the basics of drawing, colour mixing and three dimensional creation.

·Children enjoy physical activity, have the basic catching, throwing and running skills they need to tackle any sport with some degree of confidence and can respond appropriately to competition.

·Children can plan, design and make things in a variety of media – food, fabric, resistant materials and other media. They can evaluate the success of their project and suggest improvements.